Rules & Regulations

To insure safety and enjoyment by all we ask that you follow these basic rules.  If you have any questions or concerns about any of the rules stated please notify us by telephone at 1-800-326-9051.

A more specific list of rules and regulations can be found choosing a category below:

1. Campers must park vehicles entirely on the gravel pad and/or asphalt.  Motor vehicles must be licensed and operated only in designated roadways open to vehicular traffic.  All-terrain vehicles are not permitted at the Curwensville Lake Recreation Area.  Park only in designated parking areas.  Parking along roadways and on the grass is prohibited.
1. Loitering is prohibited at the boat dock area and all other areas of the Lake.
Public Property
1. The destruction, injury, defacement or removal of public property (vegetation, natural formations, signs, buildings, etc.) or the cutting of live plants or trees is prohibited.  Only downed wood may be gathered for firewood.  Lanterns are not to be hung on trees.
2. Items left unattended beyond 24 hours of departure will be impounded as abandoned property.
1. Confine campfires to grills or fire rings.  Do not leave fires unattended at any time and extinguish them before departing the campsite.
2. Gasoline and other fuel must be stored in fuel tanks (vehicle, vessel or equipment) or approved portable containers.
1. Dogs, cats and all other household pets are not permitted at the swimming or beach area.
2. Dogs and other pets must be leashed and under personal control at all times.
3. Excessive barking and disturbances will result in being asked to leave the campground and/or the recreation area.
4. Pet owners are responsible for the proper disposal of all pet waste.
Explosives, Weapons, and Fireworks
1. All fireworks and explosives are prohibited.
2. Loaded firearms are prohibited in all public use areas.
1. Hunting and trapping are prohibited within the campgrounds and within all posted areas.
1. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited
1. Campers must maintain campsites, including fire rings and grills, in a sanitary manner.  Disposal of garbage in other than designated locations and containers (e.g. trash cans, dumpsters and dump station) is prohibited.  Liquid wastes, including gray water, must be disposed of at the campground dump station.  Do not wash dishes or other articles at water fountains or water spigots inside or outside the restrooms.
Lost and Found
1. Found items should be turned in to a Curwensville Lake employee at the Park Office.  Lost items should be reported in the event the item has been recovered.
1. The solicitation or conducting of business as well as the posting of advertisements (posters, flyers, “For Sale” signs and announcements) is prohibited.
1. Children under 5 years of age must be accompanied by an adult, while in the water.
2. Swimming is permitted only in designated areas. (NO SWIMMING OUTSIDE THE DESIGNATED ROPED IN AREA)
3. No glass containers are permitted at the beach area or boat docking area.
** Violation of Rules and Regulations **
1. Any violation of these regulations or any posted regulations may result in eviction and/or a fine.
2. Boating rules and regulations must be adhered to and are enforced by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.